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to Improve Recreation in Pepperell

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Current and Upcoming Projects

Possible next projects include:

Paved Walking Track around Town Field

The Friends have been actively working with the Recreation Committee as well as the various groups who use Town Field to define a path for a convenient and safe walking track for the community. We have also secured quotes from various contractors on the installation of a paved walking track.

If you are interested in helping with this project and seeing it come to fruition - now is the time! We need your voice, energy, and assistance. Please contact us at info@friendsofpepperell.org for more information.

Tennis Court / All-Sports Court Exploratory Committee
(*seeking help with grant writing*)

We are pleased to have a few new members who are helping to research, define, and plan for much-needed repairs to the tennis courts located behind Varnum Brook Elementary School.

We have had a long-standing community interest in getting the courts back in shape for tennis friendlies, lessons, camps, practices and matches. We also have a new and growing interest in potentially fixing a portion of the multiple tennis courts to use for other recreational activities, like street/deck hockey and a basketball area for the younger set.

With only a small group of active board members and volunteers (also currently working toward a walking track on Town Field), simultaneous projects are all but impossible without additional support. Please join this new committee whose objectives will be: to pursue rehab of all or some of the town's tennis courts; to apply for grants available for such endeavors; and to see the project through.

Contact Sue with any suggestions or to sign-up for this committee.


Proceeds from our fund raisers, as well as your continued donations, will go toward projects like:

Upkeep on the playground and moving forward with Phase II to make Town Field a "Family Friendly Exercise Environment": The installment of a paved walking track, possibly including a new sand volleyball court. Imagine the opportunity for movement for young and old - bikes, scooters, strollers, walkers, joggers, roller blades...

Much-needed improvements to the tennis courts behind Varnum Brook Elementary School.

A security camera that would pan Town Field, including the playground, bandstand and other areas. Details to be determined.


In addition to large projects, we also contribute to the overall well-being of the Pepperell community in other ways:
  • Prioviding a scholarship to NM graduates
  • Installing a "fix-it" station and bike pump along the bike path in railroad square
  • Installing a new arch swing in the "Friends Park at Town Field" playground (July 2018) with the help of KRM Carpentry Inc and Craig R.
  • Sprucing up the playground area - with deweeding, more woodchips, and overgrowth clearing (summer 2018)
  • Replacing a damaged handicap accessible swing (summer 2018)


Providing tips and reminders to help you stay safe when you're outdoors in the sun...
  • Learn more about SunGuard™ — an easy-to-use laundry aid that washes UV protection right into everyday clothes. Use a moisturizer with SPF 15 or 30 for everyday activities that don't put you in the sun for extended periods. For long stretches of time spent outside, choose a "broad-spectrum" product. Look for the Skin Cancer Foundation's Seal of Approval for these types of products. Always apply sunscreen 30 minutes before heading out into the sun. Reapply it again right after going outside, in case you missed any spots. Reapply sunscreen every two hours.
  • For additional information, read this article submitted by one of our supporters.


The mission of The Friends of Pepperell Recreation is to promote community involvement for the betterment of the Pepperell community, its citizens and its recreational facilities. Our goal is to encourage support through both financial and volunteer opportunities for the broadening of services and activities for all ages.

The Friends of Pepperell Recreation is a non-profit organization.

Thank you!

The 7th Annual Pepperell Covered Bridge 5k was a huge success! Quintessential autumn weather made for a fun morning - we thank all the runners (about 200!), teams, spectators, volunteers, and sponsors for a memorable event!

Photos and more can be found on the official race Facebook page.

We will be planning next year's race in the spring of 2019 - if you would like to help, please contact us.


Join! We are currently seeking volunteers to join one of our committees:
* Paved Walking Track/Sand Volleyball Court Committee
* Tennis Court/Deck Hockey Exploratory Committee
* Town Wide Yard Sale Committee
* Used Bike Sale Committee
* Covered Bridge 5k Committee

Participate in a Friends meeting to share your ideas for upcoming projects and help make them happen.

These are short-term commitments. If you would like to explore joining our group, any of these opportunities is a great way to see what we are all about.

Volunteer! Help with specific tasks or lend a hand during an event.


Thank you to our Business Supporters!


Masy Systems, Inc

Lowell Five Cent Savings Bank

Wilson Brothers HVAC, Inc

Hickory Ridge Landscaping

Nissitissit Group Ltd

KRM Carpentry Inc


Friends of Pepperell Recreation
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